When you really don’t want to sleep at night, try the ANXIOUS THOUGHT-O-MATIC:

Is the baby too hot? Is the baby too cold?
Are they supposed to sound like that?
Does anyone ACTUALLY know how to burp a baby?
What boob did I use last?
How long do I have until I wake up in a puddle of breastmilk?
I used to be a person. A person with dreams.
Do people still leave babies on doorsteps?
If I sleep now, who will do __________?
I should Google that.
I regret Googling that.
Is it supposed to look like that?
Is THAT supposed to look like THAT?
Why is it crying? Why am *I* crying?!

Mommy brain! More than a punch line.

This strip also available as a poster!

Happy belated Mother’s Day, y’all! Hope all of you out there reading this had a good one.