Momo’s in this great transitional stage of her verbal development where she understands almost every familiar word, but hasn’t developed the ability to pronounce them properly. So she has funny words for things — bock (milk), droyya (stroller), seep (sleep), and so on.

I have a passing interest in linguistics, so I was looking forward to this phase. If you use THEIR word for something, like asking if they want some ‘bock’, they don’t understand what you’re saying. You have to use the real word, or they look at you like you’re a crazy person. It’s SO COOL, but now a lot of conversations with Momo end up like the ‘do ya like dags’ bit from Snatch:

“Bock! Bock? Bock?”
“Bock! BOCK!”
“Oh! Milk!”
“Yah, bock.”

Correction for How Baby #39 (Dad Bod):

It’s come to my attention that I used some cissexist generalizations in the post accompanying the Dad Bod comic. I’m very sorry for erasing the experiences of men who’ve carried children, and for whom a ‘dad bod’ changed by pregnancy is a very real phenomenon. Thank you everyone who tagged it to let me know! <3