This is a strip I wrote and sketched as one of the very first How Baby strips, but eventually it ended up in file limbo. I think, at the time, it was both too ambitious and too personal. It’s been a long sixty-eight strips since then, and when I dug it out of my labyrinth of files earlier this week, I knew it was time. I filked a lot of songs for Momo, because when I was deep in the pits of PPD I couldn’t remember a lullaby for the life of me, and this was one of my favorites.

This is timely for another reason, too: Momo has gotten on the Princess Train, HARD. We’ve had to put a ban on the little red monster because she gets (more) attitude (than usual) when she watches too much TV, but she’s adaptable: now everything is: “princess! frozen princess! tangled princess!” We’re finally on the singing-Let-It-Go-a-hundred-times bandwagon, just a few years later than expected.

Regular visitors to the site will notice a few changes! This week, I broke $100 on Patreon and decided to celebrate by sprucing up the place a little. Notice the new logo (oooh), the brand new left column (aaah), and the new clicky buttons on the right side (oooh), some of which lead to new pages (aaah). Also, you can see where I’ll be tabling at conventions in 2016! I’m planning on migrating the current store to Redbubble (which is also new, oooh), so in the coming weeks there’s gonna be gen-u-ine How Baby merch up in there like mugs and t-shirts and bags and stuff.  I also want to pump up the ‘links’ page, not just to webcomics, but to other motherhood-related blogs and support (suggestions? link trades??) If anything’s broken, or you have suggestions on what you might like to see on the site, or you wanna trade webcomic or blog banners, let me know via that email link there and I’ll see what I can do!