Neko Atsume [iOS|Android] is a mobile game about collecting cats, and… that’s it, really. You set out food and treats, and cats visit your yard, play with the toys, and leave you presents. It’s Japanese and very twee and strangely addictive, like a tamagotchi but without all the beeping.

Logically, because Momo is a Japanese nickname (it means peach)… well… this happened. See it much bigger, here!

So, a few big things this week: first of all, starting in 2016, I’ll be updating How Baby twice a week: Mondays and Thursdays! There’s just too many stories to tell, and not enough weeks in the year. As always, patrons get the strips early!

Second, I’ve migrated and re-opened the official How Baby store on Redbubble, with some new prints. All the cute momoneko from this week’s comic are available both as prints and as a tiling pattern on new merch like mugs, totes, scarves, leggings, and cell phone cases, plus there’s logo merch and some poster-sized prints of a few comics. I hope you find something you like!

(PS: Take a look at the sticker sets for the Momo Atsume print… Redbubble doesn’t do die-cut stickers, but if you get it big enough, you could technically cut them out yourself… and have 14 little nekomomo stickers… just saying.)

(PPS: Redbubble is running a sale right now, 15% off cases and skins with the coupon GETENCASED. JSYK. They run sales it seems like twice a month at least, so keep checking back. I’ll try to keep letting you know when there’s a sale!)

And, smaller, but still cool: I’ve added a ‘goodies’ section to the right sidebar over there, where you can now download free How Baby stuff like mobile and desktop wallpapers. Happy holidays. 😀

(PPPS: I know it’s late, but I hope y’all are having a good holiday season! We celebrate Christmas, and it was wonderful. Momo’s just old enough to sort of start to understand Santa, so for the first time we got to do the whole cookies-and-milk, presents-from-Santa thing, and it was great. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the next eleven months now that I can’t use Santa as a bribe, though…)