Real talk: I’m reeling from the fact that Momo goes to school, uh, in two days, which is some really heavy cheese.

I’ve been dreaming of this particular week’s strip in the abstract for literally years, but now that it’s here… I’m verklempt, and it feels nothing I could possibly write or draw could be good enough to contain the huge change that’s now, finally, on our doorstep. I have a million ideas, one for every emotion in my heart right now, and all of them miss the mark. I was honestly getting pretty stressed about it, to the point where I found myself more worried about making sure the comic was perfect, rather than making sure I was present in my own life for what I was trying to describe.

So I’m gonna take a break from How Baby this week, and just give myself permission to spend this time with Momo, to be with her, and to be here for her as she goes through this time of her life. Sometimes I gotta go try to be a good mom, guys!!

Regular How Baby updates will resume next week! Over in Motherlover-land, there’ll be one update this week to finish up the chapter (omg?), and then it’ll go on its scheduled inter-chapter break for a couple weeks.

In the meantime, you’ll be able to find me at RCCC in Portland next weekend, at table S-09! I love my Portland people, y’all are so lovely every time I go – did you know that RCCC was the first time someone recognized me for How Baby? So it has a special place in my heart. Stop by and let me yell at you about our babies growing up and going to school!!

Thanks all. <3