Imagine the Kill Bill sirens screaming in the background of the last panel, because as of today, one weekend before she starts school, I have not:

– bought her new school clothes
– bought a backpack
– bought any school supplies (which is fine, because her class is buying them)
– got her immunizations (but we have an appointment!)
– got her a haircut
– found someone to watch her for the 45min between when she’s off school and Kev’s off work
– bought her uniform pants for Sparks

And, uh, I’m leaving for PAX this weekend, so… uh… hey, American Target, what’s good? Because I am gonna be all up in you this weekend, like the sorely unprepared mom I am. D:

This is a pattern for me! I will be excited for something for months — nay, years! — and then I’m sitting minding my own business and it’s NEXT WEEK or something. God. Can you not? I need more time.