With respects to the article that got me thinking about this.

As a freelance artist, most of the time it feels like my life is a treadmill that’s going too fast: every time I get a new contract, there’s always a new bill to pay. My work life IS my home life. The personal is professional, and vice versa. And there are a lot of rejections to shoulder, and it’s hard not to take it personally and think: that one could have fed my family for a week. But there’s nothing simpler than what Momo needs from me… and I can do that right.

Ironic: the night I was working on this was actually a knock-down drag-out fight over not wanting to go to bed. We’re trying to get Momo to drop the bedtime bottle by three (I know, I KNOW) and she’s… resisting. There was not a lot of tender hand-holding and soft singing going on. Some nights I’m a little less right than others.