Somehow, I managed to make a daughter who is really, really into “girly” things. I rarely do my makeup or nails or wear anything other than leggings or sweats, and she’s all about that stuff. Ruffles? Of course. Pink? Obviously. Nail polish? Every day, or sadness reigns.

I love it – I’m glad she has things she likes and I don’t throw femininity under the bus – but man, her morning routine has a few extra steps in it. It’s quite often that she’ll be entirely ready to go and I will literally still be in my underwear, teeth unbrushed, feelin’ funky. I do my best before I leave the house, but often we go out together like some bizarro Goofus and Gallant sketch.

This is the end of the How Baby Update Extravaganza (-ganza, -ganza, ganza); thank you for coming along with me! And thank you again to all my patrons who make How Baby possible. I’m really looking forward to starting work on the short comic that’s in the wings for the next milestone!