Lord, protect me and keep me from the girls clothing department at Target.

“I’m just going to swing by to see anything jumps out at me,” I say, fully aware that I will fall in love with literally everything in the department. And it’s summer, so it’s all sundresses, rompers, kimono shawls, and flower crowns, making it EXTRA IRRESISTIBLE because nothing beats carefree summer looks on toddlers. Thank goodness I do most of her shopping second-hand.

I think part of why I love to dress Momo up is because I don’t really put a lot of effort into how I look.  My body type is really hard to dress off-the-rack, and  I don’t really have the time or the energy to put into buying clothes that look good on me. Add in the fact that new clothes are never a financial priority and I find keeping fashionable a sexist burden anyway, and you get… well, the state of my closet. BUT. Everything looks good on Momo, and I can justify it when a whole outfit for her costs $40 tops, whereas I can’t even buy half a pair of pants for that much. And making sure she looks good genuinely makes me feel happy. And before you know it, I’m coming to in the checkout line, completely unable to remember of the last half hour of my life.

It’s my birthday tomorrow! I’m turning 30, finally. Momo and I are going to a cute little tea cafe with the grandparents, and then Kev and I are spending a night in Seattle for fun. Imagine! Going to Seattle and not even seeing the inside of the convention centre once. 😀