Seriously, what is it about garbage trucks??

Like seemingly every other small child in existence, Momo is enthralled by the garbage truck and the magical men who ride on its back. Our route to daycare intersects with a private waste collection route some days, and we’re on enthusiastic-waving-and-hellos basis with the (admittedly very cute) garbage man. The last time we crossed paths, he went over the top in saying hello and Momo actually started giggling and stammering, she was so overcome that trash-senpai noticed her.

(In the face of the tragedy in Orlando, this feels a little Seinfeld – ‘hey, what’s the deal with garbage trucks, eh??’ – I’m just glad I drew the strip early, because I’m grieving alongside my friends who were reminded yesterday that they are still not safe in America. Your ally and neighbour in the north is holding you in her broken heart today.)