A POX ON FOOD BLOGS THAT DO THIS: three thousand breathless words about how whimsical their life is, how wonderful their children, how uncultured but effortlessly genuine their husband, how healthy their eating habits, how charming their imagined imperfections, interspersed with perfectly-lit, beautifully staged photos of their “prep”, and who actually OWNS a whole set of ramekins, I ASK YOU.

And then you get to the end of it after about a MILLION YEARS and it’s not even their own recipe, it’s SOMEONE ELSE’S RECIPE to which they just ADDED WALNUTS OR SOMETHING.

Ever since The Pioneer Woman got herself super famous for that whole schtick, everyone’s running an oh-so-charming ‘food, parenting and lifestyle’ blog and trying to make them sweet, sweet advertising dollars. I’m trying to plan meals, here! JUST GIVE ME THE RECIPE!!