I used to get so embarrassed even walking by the ‘family planning’ aisle of the store, forget the few times I actually needed to purchase something from there. Now, though, it’s pretty hard to hide from the world that I’m an adult woman who’s had sex at least once in her life – the evidence is almost three years old now! I can buy condoms, pregnancy tests, and little vibrating rings all the ding dong day. I’m a fertile woman, hear me buy prophylactics!!!

It’s significantly harder to admit to myself, the cashier, and anyone in earshot of Momo that since giving birth, the ol’ chute isn’t what it used to be. Despite an apparently rousing economy based around the sale of make-goers and soothers, y’know, I’m apparently the only person who needs to sneak a tube of Prep-H into my basket under the bell peppers.

(Story time! The first time I did this, Momo of course picked that thing to swing around at the cashier, exclaiming that her ‘mama needs medicine cream!!!!’ Thanks, kid. You wait. I’ll be speaking at your wedding one day.)

Speaking of being embarrassed, did y’all see this video floating around? Spoken word (and moms staying in the arts) is my jam.