An unintentional spiritual successor to the last comic, and the continuing adventures of getting Momo adapted to her big girl bed. Please forgive two strips in a row where I’m on my phone in bed, but this is an autobiographical comic, after all. And I had to exorcise this demon; it was just too genuinely creepy. I couldn’t get to sleep for an hour, every noise kept me thinking she’d be standing right over me again, like that girl from The Ring.

For two three nights in a row now, she’s refused to sleep in her bed. So, understandably, when she wakes up sore because she’s been sleeping on her hardwood floor, she’s grouchy and needs my help. Someone teach this kid how to sleep in a b– oh, that’s supposed to be my job? Damn.

This is as good a time as any to plug that the spoooooooky comic anthology I’m in, Bones of the Coast, is in its last week on Kickstarter! That’s a page from my comic right there on the campaign page and I couldn’t be more proud. 😀