Momo’s been all about roleplaying ‘scary monsters!!!’ everywhere, so I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. There was a terrible moment while I was drawing the last panel when I thought: oh, I don’t know what to put on the screen, there’s too much to choose from, so I just made one up. I’m not usually one to call years good or bad, but man. It’s been pretty bad.

I’m lucky that Momo’s not terribly curious about the news and we don’t have television (therefore, we don’t have 24hr  television news cycles), so we don’t have to come up with age-appropriate ways to explain why people hurt other people (WAY harder than explaining how people love other people). I’m not really good at lying, or even really telling anything but the whole complicated truth, so it does feel a little wrong when I tell her there’s no such thing as monsters.