HAPPY AUTUMN! Yes, I know, it’s still summer for a few more weeks here in the northern hemisphere, but! HAPPY!!! AUTUMN!!!!!!!

The weather changed super quick here, so you know that as soon as it did, I was culling Momo’s drawers of all her ill-fitting, ratty, adventured-in summer clothes to make way for the inevitable SWEATERINGNING. The air conditioner lies dormant. The fireplace has been on. I’m wearing the mom uniform that is my birthright: MOTHER EFFING LEGGINGS AND BOOTS. I have walked through a crisp autumn breeze, crunching leaves under my Uggs, drinking a pumpkin-flavoured coffee!

No more will I sweat and grit my teeth under the unforgiving sun, lugging a small village of toys and beach accoutrements, making a vain attempt to form good summer memories! No! There will be baking! Cleaning! Movie watching! Indoor crafts! This is the season when I finally shine!

Hey! If you’re in Portland, come see me at Rose City Comic Con this weekend! I’ll be set up at D-04, right near the concession-side doors. I’ll have How Baby sampler zines, posters, the usual assortment of art prints and buttons, and also! Also! On-the-spot sketch commissions of your kid! That’s a new thing! So if you’re going to be at the con, I’ll be there, and we can make excited noises at each other!