Look, I almost never get to say the right thing at the right time. I either say the wrong thing, or I misheard her question, or I’m in a bad mood so my answer is snappish, or I just talk and talk and takes ages to get to the wisdom I’m trying to impart. But SOMETIMES, the spirit of Good Motherhood speaks through me, and enlightens both of us.

More me than her, of course. She’s (probably) not going to remember the one extremely sincere and poignant thing I said that one time. But it was weird, it was like something I was trying to internalize, the better person I want to be for Momo, finally clicked into place.

I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland this weekend! If you come up and say you’re a fan of How Baby, you’ll probably get to see my impression of a howler monkey. I’m sorry. It just comes out.