SHE COMES BY IT HONESTLY. I don’t know. Do other kids fall as much as mine? I mean, I’m pretty sure they do, but one has to wonder.

I have a complicated relationship to her (probably normal) falling. I have extremely poor balance (actually, a mild case of Charcot Marie Tooth disease – shout out to my spoonies), so I’m probably hypersensitive to it, but I live in fear that she inherited her ‘enhanced gravity technique’ from me. I’m probably just being a paranoid mom, because I’m pretty sure all small children are clumsy. Unless I’m not, I guess, because genetics. But there’s no treatment, so it doesn’t merit putting her through the inconvenience of testing just yet anyway! Schrodinger’s neuropathy! Ah, at least she’s closer to the ground.

(I got a haircut! The topknot was iconic, but I think I need to retire it for a while. :D)

I’m at GeekGirlCon in Seattle this weekend! Table 425. It’s my last ‘away’ con of the year, with just FanExpo in Vancouver next month. It’s been quite a year, huh? Once more into the breach!