So if you live in the Pacific Northwest, like so many of you do, you know there were a bunch of storm warnings last weekend. And I felt like… everyone was so prepared. We had warnings almost five days in advance. Even Kev and I, who are chronically underprepared for everything (including life in general), managed to stockpile a nice little collection of canned goods, flashlights, and water. I even bought an uninterruptible power source for my computer, so I could work through the weekend without risking power surges.

With everyone being so prepared, after everything that’s happened this year, the tragedies, the deaths, the racist violence, the ongoing nightmare of the American election, the natural disasters, the ecological collapse… it kind of felt like… finally. Finally, something I can actually prepare for. Something I feel I can have some sort of control over. I’m just one person in the face of the unrelenting tidal wave of shit that has been 2016, but goddamn, if I can protect my family in one small way, I’m going to take it.