I’m willing to try anything, ANYTHING other than Peppa or Daniel at this moment, so I fired up Kids Netflix and scrolled until she found something. It happened to be Paw Patrol. Cool, I though. Dogs with jobs, I love that stuff.

No. NO. There are SEVEN main characters. ONE of them is female! And she wears pink! And she’s light and dainty and talks a lot! And she’s the ‘first’ female member of the Patrol!

It’s not that I have anything against girls in pink or whathaveyou – Momo is pretty femme, and I celebrate that — what I take offense to is the total lack of any diversity in what we do see. What do I DO about insidious stuff like this? I honestly can’t believe this is still a thing in this, the year 2016. Who decided 1/7 was a good female-to-male ratio? What committee let this fly? No one NOTICED? Nah, I bet they said it’s okay, because the target demographic is boys, and boys don’t care about girls.

Which is, pardon my language, bullshit.



Timely strip is timely, considering the absolute nonsense that is SJC’s new Riri Williams (aka, ‘the new Iron Man, who is a 15-year-old-black-girl-genius’) cover came out today, to much criticism. Yep, these things are totally connected. If you don’t have a variety of cool women in kids shows, you don’t have boys learning about a wide variety of women, and you’re gonna get grown men who draw pin-ups of teenage girls because they literally have no idea what a woman is other than a mysterious sexualized Other.