Thank you for your patience last week! Man, that knocked me out for a while. I only got upright on Friday, and even then it was a very cursory sort of work day.

As I get older, it gets harder to recover from food poisoning, I think. Momo, like most kids, gets sick and then healthy (and then sick) again at a remarkable speed, and it just seems to roll off her back. Even on her barfiest days, she only seems to feel sick for a few minutes, before she’s up and playing (or sleeping) again. Meanwhile, I throw up for six hours, and then it takes four days to regain my health. It’s downright unfair, is what it is. I don’t want her to be sick LONGER, by any means, but man. If I could get some of that resilience back, that would be great.

Huge shout-out this time to Kev, who unflinchingly stayed up with me for six hours while I made a general mess of everything, fetched and emptied and rinsed without complaint, and made sure I drank even though I REALLY didn’t want to. And then, when I finally slept, Momo woke up every hour for the next three hours, and he dealt with that too. All told, he went about 36 hours on naps alone before taking his turn to be sick, a truly heroic feat above and beyond ‘basic husbandly decency’. Thanks, babe. <3