After over a decade, I’m in love with an anime again; I’ve been watching Yuri on Ice , and it’s just been real delightful. I could go on about it and how it’s amazing for honestly an embarrassing amount of time – I won’t, right now, but I could. The finale just aired yesterday and I am a changed woman.

Of course, there’s something deeper in this comic – does any one else get that ‘oh no, we’re not doing enough’ feeling about holidays? Like, I’ve always gotten real bad FOMO when it comes to hearing about fun things my friends are doing, and being a mom really taps into that real basic insecurity – especially with how public our private lives and traditions have become. Like, I have such good memories of my childhood, especially Christmas with my family, so I find myself trying to make sure I “do enough” to make sure that Momo has those good memories too.

Which, I mean, is bizarre – it’s not like we did anything special, we just spent time with each other. My mom baked hundreds of cookies, we drove around and looked at lights, we did the presents with the family thing, the big dinner, all that. It’s not like we stood around every night in matching sweaters, singing carols and drinking egg nog. It was just normal. I find myself constantly reminding myself that Momo’s going to make those good memories (and forget the boring stuff, like when she watches Paw Patrol all day while I work) at her own pace, and I can’t really choose the things that she’s going to remember. It’s futile to try to obsessively create this Christmas fantasy for her.

(I don’t even know how to ice skate. Really. Completely illogical.)