It’s been snowing here! It’s not a lot – don’t laugh at me, Eastern Canada – but we don’t usually get so many days where it’s actually snowing! Usually it just snows once and is an inconvenience! I’m so glad that the first winter that Momo really understands as a concept is so snowy. And I’m double glad, because we’ve had really dry summers and no snow to replenish the icemelt, so hopefully next summer won’t be so… global-warmingy.

AS MUCH AS I LIKE THE IDEA OF IT, though, I’ve discovered that I actually really really dislike being out in the snow! There’s nowhere to sit! Everything is icy! It’s so dry! I have a lizardlike ability to control my body temperature at the best of times!

Momo, of course, is a child, and is evolutionarily predisposed to seeking out the most uncomfortable experiences and dragging me through them. Which means I’ve been doing a lot of standing miserably in the snow, trying not to fall over or freeze. But she likes it (LOVES IT), so we do what we must.