This is going to look really weird following a strip about it being snowy and cold up here, but we just got back from vacation! We visited my folks in Palm Springs for a week, and it was warm and sunny and I only drew, like, one thing the whole time.

And, of course, about halfway through, the runny nose that Momo had been incubating blossomed into a full-on sickness! And we were in America! With! No! Travel insurance! So we spent a LOT of time resting on my parent’s couch and hoping it’d pass without antibiotics. And it did! And, related, I also got most of the way through watching iZombie.

Luckily, the point of the trip was to get out of the cold and force myself to take some time away from drawing, so, mission accomplished. And now I’m back, and with some good news:

I got accepted to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! So I’ll be in Toronto in May for the first time, and it’ll be my first time in the city. TCAF is one I’ve always thought only the “real” comic artists got to attend, and to be accepted the first year I applied is really something! I’m really excited!