Look, I whinge about my kid a lot – she’s weird and irrational and frustrating and sometimes the only thing to say about her is WOW WHAT A JERK – but you know I do it out of love. One can complain, when at the end of the day, you’re the one on your hands and knees scrubbing her pee out of the carpet. Consider it a fair trade.

If someone else even breathes a word that she’s anything less than incredible, though… I’m prepared to throw down. There’s Team Momo, and then there’s Team Everyone Else, and I play a mean defense.


I’m gearing up for ECCC in two weeks! Who’s gonna be there?? I’m at table I-3 in the artist alley this year, which is upstairs (???) this time. But I just sent some 48-page How Baby zines off to the printer, so if having a hard copy of some of the best strips is something you might like – good for giving to friends and family who aren’t webcomic inclined – then I will have those there!