Apropos of the last comic, I should admit that it’s a running joke between me and my hairdresser that it’s his duty to make me not ‘look like a mom’ – as a recovering riotgrrl I have feelings about looking Too Normal. Sssh, sssh, I know, it’s not a bad thing to look like a mom – whatever that means, because we come in all kinds – but we all have our baggage to unpack, and this is mine.

Anyway, jokes on me this time, because it doesn’t matter what I look like, there’s still 3AM pukefests to clean and manners to teach and clothes to wash. How stylish you look doesn’t actually detract from the work. The only way I can release myself from angsting about how I look ‘like a mom’ is to fully accept that the work is the only thing that matters. Everything else is just noise.

(I do like my hair right now, though . I’m not gonna change how I look in the comic because it’s fading already, which is why I don’t get $150+ salon colour all the time, but at least there’s photographic evidence. Also, I wear glasses. Surprise! I… just don’t want to draw glasses, mostly.)