Y’ever wanna… go to the bathroom in a restaurant or store, just because the last time you were there you got to use the bathroom and you thought it was pretty neat? So now, every time you go to the Superstore or whatever, you feel an inexplicable urge to use the bathroom?

No? Just Momo? Okay, then.

Hey, Toronto! I’m gonna be in your city for TCAF this weekend, at the Toronto Research Library. Admission is free, so come on by with the family and take a gander at hundreds of independent comic artists, specifically me, because it will be my first time there and I am lowkey terrified! 😀

I’ll debuting few things, notably copies of Clean Up, which is a racy comic I did with Leia Weathington for Deep Engines. It’s got dicks in it! That’s my favorite kind of comic. I also did a Fantasy Map of Toronto, as well as a postcard set based off of the D&D Adventuring Packs. I’ll have packs of How Baby paper dolls. I’m also bringing some old favorites, like the modern fauns, sampler zines of How Baby strips, copies of the Bones of the Coast horror anthology, and a feeeeeeeew of my favorite posters and postcards, like Voltron Sailor Moon and my TAZ/Monster Factory stuff.

It’d mean a lot to me if you’d stop by and say hello!