I’m probably luckier than most moms in that I often get long stretches away from Momo, either because of daycare or because I’m traveling to conventions, but honestly, it doesn’t get any easier? If anything, it’s gotten harder. Before, I was happy to get some time away from “the baby”, but now that she’s a real person with jokes and quirks and thoughts, I just want to spend more time with her. I spent a lot of Calgary Expo going through her baby pictures on my phone and wishing I could hold a baby again.
…and then within 24 hours of being home, I’m tearing out my hair again because she’s so very three right now, and I wonder what I was thinking.
This comic features a cameo from Stephanie A.! Thanks for being my patron, Stephanie!
This post is scheduled ahead of time, so while you’re reading this update I am probably flying home! TCAF update to follow! My next show is VanCAF here in Vancouver, on the Saturday only. VanCAF is also free, so if you’re local come by and say hi! <3