I never thought that when people said ‘oh, you’re so cute, I could just eat you up!’ that they… were being… literal… but something strange happens now when I see a baby, ever since I had one of my own: I have the overwhelming urge to put it in my mouth.

Strange as it sounds, this apparently isn’t uncommon? There’s some sort of mammalian instinct to put our mouths on our young, either for grooming or to make them smell like us, or maybe even to pass on the particular bacteria colonies native to our ‘tribe’ – who knows. All I know is that a part of my brain is like: hey, that baby looks delicious. I should put it in my mouth.

I promise if I ever see you in person, I will not put your baby in my mouth. I’ll just be thinking it really hard.

Speaking of seeing me in person, I’ll be at VanCAF at the Roundhouse in Vancouver this weekend, peddling my wares at table H7! I know, I just got back from Toronto (which was A MAZ ING, Toronto, you are fabulous) but there’s just one more on the docket before I take a bit of a convention break.