Whenever I see discussions about the ages parents decided to let other people watch their baby, I always have to chime in and bring down the average. Momo was doing overnights at her grandparents by two weeks, because the alternative was pretty freakin’ bad.

That transitioned pretty easily into being able to leaver her at daycare without a fuss. While I still get pangs of missing her (especially when I’m in Toronto… on Mother’s Day… alone…) overall, I say I’m pretty hands-off when it comes to the actual dropping her off part.

And the secret to my chill is… I’m not super great at taking care of things, people included? Like, I’ve got the basics, and the love, which is all you need, but really… there are plenty of people who are better, more experienced, and take more joy out of the actual caregiving part than I do. They probably know more songs and games, or have better toys, or just a longer attention span. So when I drop Momo off at daycare or a babysitters, I just assume there’s a pretty decent chance that the person is at least as competent as I am, so she’ll be just fine.

Probably not a good thing to think, actually! But man, at least for the first little while there, when I had PPD and literally no experience caring for a baby whatsoever, it was probably true!

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