Happy Pride Month!

My friends were excited about this shirt making the rounds on Twitter, and I had to have a giggle because, on these kinds of print-on-demand design stores, you can get your design printed on a wide range of materials. Like, a baby onesie! For babies! You can put your baby in a onesie that calls them bisexual!

I had a split-second moment of ‘wait, this isn’t appropriate’ before I realized that this is no more weird than those shirts that say things like ‘ladies man’ and other slogans that assume the child is (or will grow up to be) straight. And those are sold in stores!

It’s inappropriate to ascribe your child a sexual orientation at all, but that’s a tree I’ll be barking at a long time before anything changes. So, my own politics aside, if it’s socially acceptable to put your child in clothes that assumes they’re straight, why can’t you do the same for other orientations? It’s just as much of a guess.

Anyway, food for thought for this month! 😀

art by @melongifts buy the shirt!