Hey, guess which line from Wonder Woman resonated the most with me? Was it this one, or ‘you are my greatest joy and my greatest sorrow’? And guess who I’m talking to, Diana or Momo?

(I had my issues with the movie, but that won’t stop me from taking up arms when it comes to defending it against people who didn’t think it was necessary, groundbreaking, and good on its own merit. I’m just not terribly good at defending my own hot takes, so I’ll just sit on my criticisms and not rain on everyone’s parade. :D)

Joking aside, I think this to myself a lot when I think about Momo growing up. Toxic masculinity circumscribes a lot of my life, in many forms, and though I don’t like the idea that women-only places like Themyscira magically become unproblematic paradises, Hippolyta’s anxiety about her naive daughter going off to face something that had so defined Hippolyta’s life really got me where I live.