First of all: thank you so much to everyone who sent me lovely messages or left comments after the last comic! Y’all are so sweet, and I’m so grateful.

We’ve been a little fragile in this house recently, as we’ve been passing some sort of bug between the three of us for the last two weeks. I got it the worst, with a sinus infection that put me on the couch for two days straight, but Momo’s got that asthma cough, so whenever she gets sick, she gets it long and hard. Poor thing’s already been at the low point of the cough-so-hard-she-barfs roller coaster a few times already, and even her chipper attitude is beginning to crumble.

I never used to think I’d be one of those people who’d think, you know, ‘oh, I wish I could just take her sickness from her.’ And I wasn’t like that for a while – coughs and sniffles, they’re just part of growing up, and I had faith that it was good for her immune system. But she’s gotten to the age where being sick really bothers her and she can actually vocalize that she “just wants to be better,” and it’s really hard.

When Momo comes to me and all she can say is that she hurts somewhere, I feel so helpless. I’m the most powerful person in the world to her – I literally created her – and all I have is my best guess, some folksy remedies, and assurances that she’ll feel better soon. Feels bad, dudes.

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