“Hey, Lindsay, didn’t you literally just post a comic about how Momo doesn’t eat?”

Yeah, yeah, I know. But a week is, like, a forever amount of time to Momo, so apparently she’s back on the food train. Not, of course, anything I actually put time into making, that would be ridiculous. But we’re burning through snacks at an unprecedented rate over here. And because we’d all been sick, our grocery shopping had been… perfunctory, at best.

We basically just ended up taking Momo grocery shopping and holding up boxes of things that she, gladiator-style, would decide whether would go in the buggy. Does Warlord Momo demand a snackrifice of applesauce? Granola bars, perhaps?

We’re gonna wake up next week and she’s gonna have put on five pounds, two inches, and a clothing size – and probably start refusing to eat again, let’s be real. But this week, we were ready, and it got me thinking about other modern blessings. May your Diaper Genie never runneth over? May the bed they wet never be thine?