This is one of those comics I’m gonna reread in like ten years, when Momo’s in the throes of puberty and wanting nothing to do with me, and be like… aw, remember when I was the center of her world? And trust me, I’ll be super sad then. Hell, thinking about it already makes me sad. But right now? In the thick of it? Being the default parent is draining, man.

And there’s no reason for it! Kev will be literally right beside her, and she’ll turn to me to ask a question about him.  I’m the first resort for pretty much everything, no matter how inane. She thought of a bug. The cat is doing something. She’s hungry (AGAIN). And my desk is in the living room, so there’s no getting away if I’m working. Aaaargh.

(Happy Labour Day! Thanks for everything, unions!!)

I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland this weekend, at U04 – I know quite a few of you are going, so hopefully I’ll see you there!! 😀