They’re LEARNING. Momo and Genji became like siblings pretty much immediately, which means between the two of them, it’s kind of like two skilled pickpockets just working over the adults of the household. One has opposable thumbs, the other has a brain the size of a walnut, somehow they make it work.

I’m at Rose City Comic Con this weekend, enjoying the fair city of Portland – one of my favorites! There’s so many of you there. As always, stop by and let me yell at you! Table U-04 in the artist alley!

I’m gonna take a break from the comic on Monday as I’ve been prepping and will be traveling quite a bit; comic will resume on Thursday!

Damn, there’s a lot going on in the world right now, but in my corner, another Vancouver-based parenthood blogger is undergoing a legal battle with the Ministry of Children & Family Development (CPS, basically) because they’ve come down on him for letting his children ride the bus alone. This is a pretty big overstep for the Ministry, because BC doesn’t have a minimum legal age for children to be left alone. It’s a pretty good read for anyone, like me, interested in issues of autonomy, teaching independence, and government oversight. Good luck, Adrian! I’m rooting for you.