What’s the intersection of people who read How Baby and people who read Saga, the incredible comic series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples? Pretty high? Probably.

(There’s a character named Lying Cat, who is a giant sentient sphinx cat who hisses ‘lying’ when, as you can probably guess, someone is lying.)

Lying Cat has become a bit of a punchline in this house, as Momo has started lying with abandon. And, like, obvious stuff, like lying when I ask if she’s wet the bed, or snuck into her Halloween candy, or has closed her door like I won’t notice that she’s playing instead of cleaning.

“Mom! How did you know??” she cries. Well, child, little do you know, I too was four years old once. Also, I have known you all your life. I know things. I don’t need a talking cat to tell me your secrets.

(Story time: Fiona is a huge part of my artistic inspiration, and to be able to look at her style and think ‘I could do that some day, and make it as a comic artist too’ is massively uplifting. I got a chance to tell her that at a show once, and her response? “Honey… you’re already here.” I had managed to keep my calm up to that point, but I pretty much lost capable speech then. I still get the wibbles thinking about it. So go read Saga!! The people who make it are really nice!!)