Still got “it”? Nah, never heard of “it”.

It’s almost comical how invisible I’ve become in some spaces. I used to stand out in comic shops, especially ones that had gaming tables, and for a while it got actually pretty weird to be in one, because the head-swivel was intense. I’m pretty average-looking, so that’s not… really… a reaction I tend to get a lot. Usually, it’s people gawking at my hair, not bowled over by my aura of feminine mystique.

Regardless, it stopped IMMEDIATELY when I started going to those same places with Momo, almost to the point that it felt like people were purposefully not making eye contact. And all of a sudden, I melted into the background – assumed to be a non-geek mom just getting a present for her kid, definitely not worth chatting up.

Weird!! A little jarring! Not unwelcome, exactly! It’s kind of nice to be unobserved. But there’s definitely a part of me that’s still a little pissed off by the assumption I’m suddenly uncool.


In other news, to celebrate the shortest month of the year (statistically, fewer bad things will happen this month! yay?!) (also, some winter people are gonna do some cold sports!), I’m going to hold a giveaway for patrons on Patreon!

I got my hands on a new Aspen Tyke Traveler diaper bag, as some of you may know I helped with their Kickstarter a few months back. This thing is robust. It has pockets I probably haven’t even discovered yet. It’s a hell of a lot of bag. I got the blue one, naturally. And it can be yours, if you pledge to support How Baby on Patreon!

Patreon is how How Baby keeps gas in the tank – I don’t run advertisements on this site, so we’re supported almost entirely by kind folks who pledge a small amount every month. In exchange, you get strips emailed to you in advance, sneak peeks at other projects, and other things according to pledge level. Even $1 is truly appreciated, because they add up!

The draw will happen after March pledges go through, in one month’s time.  Everyone who has a cleared pledge will get an entry in the draw, with another entry for every $5 of your pledge. So you’ll get one entry for $1, two at $5, three at $10, etc.

Ugh! Self-promotion! I know! We hates it, precious! I’ll try to keep it to a minimum acceptable level!! But if you’ve been thinking of supporting How Baby on Patreon, now is a great time to start!