“Do you think you’re a different person, after having kids?”

A friend asked me this question the other day and I didn’t hesitate to answer yes — something I would probably have struggled with, a few years ago. Yeah, I’m a different person, but not because the things I like or believe or do in my spare time are different. That stuff is mostly surface, it can change with the moon. But there’s something deep in the core of me now, something fundamental, a compass that unerringly points to one thing: Momo.

It’s not that I literally know when she’s hurt or anything (though, jury’s out; mom senses are weird), but there’s a part of me that is always focused on Momo. I have to watch movies with subtitles now, because I’m always listening for her. I have to make sure I eat and sleep, because I can’t punish my body like I used to, in case she needs me. Every decision, from what I make for lunch to where we want to be living in ten years, is made with her in mind.

It’s impossible to describe, because I think it was hard for me to understand, at first. It’s not like I ever thought having a child would be like having a purse dog, or something, but I had this idea that I was adding a child to my life, not… wildly reconfiguring my entire sense of self to fit around another human being, permanently. Welp! Now I know.

This comic features a cameo by Elizabeth! Thanks, Elizabeth!


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Convention season starts up this weekend, February 10-12, beginning with Tsukinocon at the University of Victoria! Tsukino’s a little con with a lot of heart and I’m mad in love with it. I’ll be sharing table 20 with my good friend Tuna, who is also an incredible artist, so if you’re on the Island stop by sometime this weekend and say hello!