I don’t know a lot about most things, and I’m not going to be smarter than Momo forever, but this? Right now? When it’s 11PM and I’m telling her that she needs to stop stalling and just go to sleep, or she’s going to feel sick tomorrow? If she could just believe me on this ONE thing, our days would be a lot happier.

I actually got a glimpse of my good, well-mannered child last week – because we started putting her to bed an hour early, just because. She doesn’t know time. And it WORKED! She woke up in the morning refreshed, using full sentences, saying please and thank you, putting on her own clothes and everything. I forget, as she gets older, that she’s still growing, and she can’t just squash the fatigue down like an adult does. It just overflows into her whole personality. Man, those were a good few days. We haven’t been able to keep it up because, you know, life, but… yeah. Amazing, they’re happier when you fix what’s troubling them. Who would have thought?!

I’ll be at ECCC this weekend! The promised land! Come see me and Kev (and my shiny new banner) at AA1 in the Artist Alley! <3

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