I got that dirty hippie liberal education in me, and I’m prone to radical ideas about the distribution of capital! I wrote papers where I poorly interpreted Marxist ideology! Come fight me!*

(*offer not valid)

IF YOU’RE IN TO THE REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH, and BOY what a segue that is, the draw for the Aspen Tyke Traveler diaper bag is running on my Patreon for one more week! All patrons will be entered into a draw to win a bag, with an extra entry for every $5 of their pledge amount. Patreon keeps the lights on around here, and keeps How Baby running ad-free! Even your $1 pledge is much appreciated!

And while we’re on the topic of dollars, arrange your nap and feeding schedules to come see me at ECCC in Seattle next weekend! I’m at table AA1, and I’ll even be on a panel!

Happy Thinking Day, fellow Guides and Scouts!

Hey, so, also, big shout out to everyone who sent me an email (!!) about the last strip; I am blessed with the best readers in all of existence, oh my god. Doing this comic is often an exercise in making myself vulnerable, and without fail it’s been met with not just positivity but with your own vulnerability, too. I’m so honoured by the deluge of stories I’ve received over the years that remind me that I’m not alone, either. <3