There’s this thing I do when I have an art deadline, which is procrastinate by doing a lot of OTHER really useful but not terribly time-sensitive things. It’s not a great strategy, but at least I get a clean bathtub out of it.

Procrastinating was a transferable skill when it came to getting up to take care of Momo when she was a baby. Suddenly, there’s all KINDS of things that need to be done, all infinitely preferable to dragging your exhausted carcass into the infant blast radius for the fourth time that night, for the fifty-sixth night in a row. Hmm, get yelled at for seemingly no reason by a small human, as you’re trying to fix their problem, or clean the litter box? Hard choice, hard choice.

(The prize for spotting the Monster Factory reference is the pleasure of knowing you’re as Cool as I am.)

I’m at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco right now! I have a buffer for this week, but in the Ongoing Effort of Not Freaking Out, I’ll be skipping next Monday’s strip in order to catch up on life after returning. We’re… we’re almost halfway through the spring conventions, folks. We’re gonna make it.

But do you know what’s coming after the spring conventions?


Do you remember when I did that strip about the SAHM and the working mom who both thought the other person was a better mom? Remember how we all thought they should be kissing instead?

Friends, they’re going to kiss.

The first chapter of my new comic debuts on Mothers Day, with weekly updates to follow! I’m slowly populating the site with little goodies and preview material, so you can check it out, sign up for updates, follow it on Facebook, the works – I can’t wait to share it with you!