Opinions on how to care for babies are like fingers: everyone’s got ’em and they’re constantly stickin’ them where they don’t belong.

We did supplemental feeding until Momo was about seven months, which means we got the best of both worlds: weird looks for taking out my tit in public AND for pouring formula into a bottle! Yay! It’s almost like the constant is that people simply can’t help themselves from burdening me with their own baggage about their parenting choices, hypothetical or otherwise!

If I’m feeding my kid, pretty much the only interaction with a stranger I’d welcome is someone handing out free samples of fancy cheeses. Or, oh, a guy walking up with a great big novelty cheque and a camera crew. I MIGHT have put my tit back for that.

I’m at GDC this week! By the magic of buffers, I’ll only be taking off next Monday’s strip. Regular updates resume on March 29.