Ah, it’s that time in a young mother’s life when her child is about to go off to school, and suddenly every baby and toddler within eyesight is a perfect angel child that triggers a hormotional onslaught of WANTING BABIES AGAIN.

Self. Self. Listen. You hated it the first time. They don’t come out as wonderful as Momo is now, you have to work for it. Don’t go down that dark path of thinking you can get a “do over” using what you learned the first time! It will be just as hard – no, harder! Stop! Stop now!


I’m back from my first Game Developers Conference – and with plenty of stories related to the BART! – and updates continue as usual for a little bit, but then I’m jetting off to Chicago and then Denver back-to-back! It’s C2E2 in Chicago, then at the Denver Independent Comics & Art Expo I’ll be receiving a DiNK Fellowship for How Baby! Then it’s a bit of a break from shows while I work on HB and Motherlover, then the good ol’ local VanCAF before a long summer break. Unfortunately, I had to cancel appearing at CCEE because of a conflict with my schedule – sorry, Calgary!!

So catch me at any one of those shows coming up! Or, catch me napping on any available surface in the meantime, yikes.