Leopard print is a neutral; I learned this from all my high femme friends and I’ll fight for it. It’s truth.

ANYWAY, how about that shopping for bathing suits for little girls??? Why do they make bikinis in sizes that small?? No bikini I’ve ever worn has been comfortable enough to dive or swim in without constantly readjusting or worrying it’s going to come off – and when the bad body feels kick in? Woof, no thanks, and that’s coming younger and younger these days, I hear.

No wonder rates of physical activity drop off so fast for girls; between this and dresses, we’re default putting them in clothing that’s constantly reminding them of what they wear and how it restricts their movement. BOO. Surfing wetsuits for Momo forever.

(I did get the leopard print suit though. Who do you think I am.)

I’m gonna be in Chicago this weekend for C2E2, at table L4! Catch me there!!