You know how sometimes you look back on something and, being a wiser person now, realize you’d completely misread a situation?

When I was a teenager my mom and I would drive a lot together, and end up talking about all my adolescent troubles. You know, normal stuff like not fitting in at high school, mostly. One of the the songs that was really popular for a while was The Middle. And any time it came on the radio, my mom started taking to BELTING out the lyrics, sometimes swerving the car to the beat. And I thought, oh, my mom’s having a bit of fun with this catchy song that’s on the radio all the time, that’s funny.

Anyway, flash forward like fifteen years, and I have a daughter and a whole new host of worries for her tender heart as she starts school, and the song comes on the radio… and I just put my head in my hands like… OF COURSE. It’s not just any song, it’s LITERALLY a song meant to encourage a sad, weird teenage girl to be herself and not feel sad that she doesn’t seem to fit in.

MOM!!! Playing the long game, if only because your daughter’s a little dense.

(Side note:  wow, that video is a lot more hornt than I remember?)