Anyone who’s pinned me down in conversation while I’m also responsible for Momo has probably noticed that I can’t go more than thirty seconds without my eyes darting over to her last known location. It’s just one of those little anxieties I never got over, though more experienced parents say I will; I only made the one, man! I don’t have a spare!

I brought her to my studio’s officewarming bash, where she was remarkably well-behaved and didn’t try to climb out of our unscreened thirteenth floor windows even once, but at one point, sometime between one check and the next, she’d asked my boss to take her to the bathroom, which is outside the studio. So off they went… and the next time I looked, she was literally gone.

Did I mention, thirteenth floor windows?

Anyway, within a few minutes I found him guarding the bathroom, but it definitely made me reflect on how independent she’s getting, and how at some point the unconscious eyedart isn’t going to be enough to keep track of her, and one day, I won’t even need to do it any more at all. Weird.