We’re unabashedly a TV-watching family – Momo cut her teeth on watching Star Trek with us, beginning to end, and loves consuming and telling stories. One of the things we watch together, but she has undeniably imprinted on even more than we have, is the new Voltron, the seventh season of which just came out a few days ago.

So, we made it into a bit of an event. “It’s Voltron Day,” we told her, and we watched the first episode before it got too late and we had to do bedtime. The next morning, we got up and prepared to binge the whole season as a family, only to find… she’d gotten up ultra early and started watching it again, without us! And then tried to hide her tracks by watching something else before we got up!

Betrayal! She broke the sacred covenant of the group-watch! She has so much to learn about nerd etiquette.