I got my first screamed ‘I HATE YOU, MOM!!!’ the other day, which feels a little late in the game, honestly, so I’ve had plenty of time to prepare myself. We’ve had a couple false starts, where she’s grumbly and mad at me for something and I’ve reminded her that I love her even when she’s stubborn, but this one was the first real door-slamming, bed-kicking hate tantrum.

But I got to deploy my secret weapon, the ultimate gambit. My finishing move. Minutes after this happened, she came out of her room, sobbing and apologizing because she ‘forgot how nice I am to her every day’ and she was just mad and didn’t mean it.

…then she followed it up with “I’ve noticed you’ve been REALLY nice to me recently,” which is true, because Kev and I are trying extra hard to be unflappable islands of calm in the face of her storm this week, and it’s been mostly working? So, on one hand, go us, I’m proud it’s working, but on the other… yikes, sorry kid, way to hold up a mirror to my shitty parenting skills!! Thanks!! Only five and casting so much shade on her parents!

With FanExpo in the bag, THANK YOU to everyone who came out to visit me this year at shows, and especially to those who celebrated the launch of Motherlover with me. Y’all are seriously wonderful people, and it’s an honour to be even a small ickle part of your lives. You’re a huge part of mine. <3

If you want me to come to a show in your neck of the woods next year, talk to your local convention about having me as an invited guest! I can only do so much under my own speed, but I’d love to do more panels, run more workshops, stuff like that.

One more piece of good news — excellent news, actually, and this is kind of burying the lede all the way down here — I’m proud to announce that I’m now being represented by Kate McKean, of the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency! Kate is an accomplished agent and avid reader of graphic novels, and I’m very excited to work with her on… things we cannot announce yet!

<3 <3 <3 big things are happening and it’s all very exciting, thank you for coming on this ride with me.