ETA December 7:

Hi gang, just dropping you a line, I’m taking a pass on the Friday, December 7 comic.

Food poisoning went through our house early in the week and blew through my comic buffer, and I have been sitting here for an hour trying to come up with something I have the spoons to draw and coming up completely blank. It’s not like Momo has been stingy with the content, either! This week alone, she cut her bangs down to her scalp and had to be reminded not to chase and kiss boys on the playground.

Yeah, I know. Interesting times.

Comics resume Monday!



me: “Wow, Momo’s been really difficult recently.”
Momo: [does the one thing guaranteed to trigger a great sobbing meltdown about parenthood, love, and mortality]

If there are parents who don’t struggle through finishing Love You Forever, I don’t know ’em. It was my favorite Munsch book when I was little, I bought a copy to read to Momo before she was born, and it sits on a nice little shelf because it takes emotional fortitude of the sort I just don’t have on a day-to-day basis, man.

Momo’s aim is devastating.