The saga of Momo’s adjustment to kindergarten and all of its rules proceeds as usual. You would think that, after three months, she’d be somewhat changed by the experience. However, most of the character development during this time has been on my end.

Much like her mom, it’s not that Momo disrespects authority… I think she just doesn’t recognize it. Which means once or twice a week, we get called in to talk to her teacher about something that’s happened in class. The first few times, I was embarrassed and surprised – my sweet daughter? My cooperative angel? We didn’t expect her to have any problems adjusting to kindergarten, because she’s always been pretty chill about new experiences and meeting new people. But as the weeks go on, I’m beginning to resent being pulled into the principal’s office — literally! — for the ritual recounting of all of her various Failures in the Eyes of The System. Like, yes, we know this is a problem. We know, and we’re working on it too. Look upon the field in which I grow my fucks, and see that thou hast made it barren.

Looking forward to the upcoming months, where if I keep on this trajectory I’ll expect by June if they want to talk to me for ‘just a minute’ when I come to pick her up, I’ll fully combust into a swarm of bats.